Glen Cove Local Bus Schedule

Glen Cove Loop Bus

Morgan Park 9am 10:15am 11:30am 1:30pm
Hill Street 9:05am 10:20am 11:35am 1:35pm
Post Office 9:10am 10:25am 11:40am 1:40pm
Orchard Plaza 9:15am 10:30am 11:45am 1:45pm
Hospital 9:18am 10:33am 11:48am 1:48pm
Stop & Shop 9:20am 10:35am 11:50am 1:50pm
King Kullen 9:25am 10:40am 11:55am 1:55pm
Glen Street 9:30am 10:45am 12:00pm 2:00pm
Senior Center 9:33am 10:48am 12:03pm 2:03pm
Smith Street 9:37am 10:52am 12:07pm 2:07pm
Cedar Swamp Road 9:42am 10:57am 12:12pm 2:12pm
Trousdell Village 9:45am 11:00am 12:15pm 2:15pm
Burns Ave 9:50am 11:05am 12:20pm 2:20pm
Post Office / Library 9:55am 11:10am 12:25pm 2:25pm
Orchard Plaza 10:00am 11:15am 12:30pm 2:30pm
Hospital 10:05am 11:20am 12:35pm 2:35pm
Farmers 10:07am 11:22am 12:37pm 2:37pm
King Kullen 10:10am 11:25am 12:40pm 2:40pm
Landing Road 10:15am 11:30am 12:45pm 2:45pm

Glen Cove Commuter Bus

The Commuter Bus serves the main industrial campus of the City of Glen Cove for morning and late afternoon runs.

Burns Ave 7:45am 3:20pm 4:35pm
Sea Cliff Ave 7:50am 3:25pm 4:40pm
Sea Cliff LIRR Station 7:55am 3:30pm 4:42pm
Photocircuits 7:58am 3:33pm 4:43pm
Hazel St / Carney St 8:00am 3:35pm
Cedar Swamp Rd 8:02am 3:37pm
Wolfle St 8:04am 3:39pm
Third St 8:06am 3:41pm
Nassau Ave 8:08am 3:43pm
East Ave 8:10am 3:45pm
Elm Ave / Wolfle St 8:12am 3:47pm
Elm Ave / Cedar Swamp Rd 8:15am 3:50pm
Cedar Swamp Rd / Pearsall Ave 8:17am 3:52pm
Pistelli Metro Center 8:19am 3:54pm
Bridge Street (Police Building) 6:58am 8:21am 3:56pm
Dosoris Lane / Forest Ave 7:03am 8:23am 3:58pm
Dosoris Way / Franklin Ave 7:04am 8:25am 4:00pm
Walnut RD / St. Andrews Lane 7:08am 8:28am 4:03pm
King Kullen / Forest Ave 7:12am 8:31am 4:06pm
Forest Ave / Sunrise Assisted Living 7:15am 8:33am 4:08pm
Dosoris Lane / Deasy School 7:20am 4:10pm
Woolsey Ave / Poplar Place 7:23am 4:15pm
Crescent Beach Road / Landing School 7:26am 4:18pm
Landing Road / Carpenter St 7:29am 4:21pm
Carpenter St / McLoughlin St 7:32am 4:24pm
Dickson St / Janet Lane 7:35am 4:27pm
Herb Hill Road / Charles St 7:40am 4:30pm

Bus to Manhattan

If you are commuting into Manhattan, Northfork Express has a park and ride available at St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church.

Click Here to download the Northfork Express schedule

For more information visit the NorthforkExpress website or call 631-588-7433

 NICE (Nassau Inter-County Express) BUS

Glen Cove is served by two NICE (Nassau Inter-County Express) bus lines: the N20/21 (which serves Hicksville, Glen Cove, Great Neck, and Flushing) and the N27 (which serves Glen Cove, Roosevelt Field, and Hempstead).

Up-to-date schedules are available on line from the NICE.

Long Island Rail Road

Since 1868, Glen Cove has been served by the Oyster Bay Branch of the Long Island Rail Road. There are three stations within the City of Glen Cove: Sea Cliff Station (located on Sea Cliff Avenue),Glen Street Station (located at the intersection of Glen Street and Cedar Swamp Road), and Glen Cove Station (located at the intersection of Duck Pond Road and Town Path).

The trip from Penn Station in Manhattan to Glen Cove takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes, with stops at such major Long Island Rail hubs as Jamaica (where connecting trains to most of Long Island can be obtained) and Mineola.

For up-to-date schedules on trains serving all three of Glen Cove’s stations, visit MTA.Info

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